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Carol A. Strickland's

THREE WORLDS Saga — Superhero Romance

Vol. 1: Touch of Danger
ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-20-1
ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-21-8
IngramSpark ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-30-0
IngramSpark ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-28-7

Vol. 2: Lost in the Stars
ISBN Print edition 978-0-9912688-7-0
ISBN Digital edition 978-0-9912688-6-3
IngramSpark ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-26-3
IngramSpark ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-27-0

Vol. 3: Stalemate
ISBN print edition 978-1-941318-14-0
ISBN ebook edition 978-1-941318-12-6
ISBN IngramSpark print edition
ISBN IngramSpark ebook edition

Vol. 4: Worlds Apart
Digital Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-17-1
Print Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-19-5

Soft Sci Fi Novels

Nothing Personal
ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-22-5
ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-23-2
ISBN Ingramspark Print edition 978-1-941318-24-9
ISBN Ingramspark Digital edition 978-1-941318-25-6

Applesauce and Moonbeams
EPub Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-05-8
Mobi Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-06-5
Smashwords Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-07-2
All Romance eBooks Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-08-9
Print Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-09-6

Sweet Historical Romance

Burgundy and Lies
EPub Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-00-3
Mobi Edition ISBN 978-1-941318-01-0
Smashwords ISBN 978-1-941318-02-7
Print Edition ISBN 978-0-9912688-9-4

Fantasy Short Stories

"Nothing to Lose" (Kindle only)
[Amazon] ASIN: B003980XCA

Non-Fiction Anthologies

The Best of the Legion Outpost, ed. by Glen Cadigan
       ISBN-10: 1893905365
ISBN-13: 978-1893905368

Heart of the Matter, by Heart of Carolina Romance Writers
ISBN: 9781301651375