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Strong women, strange worlds

cover for Nothing PesonalJust released!

Kidnapped to the far side of galactic nowhere!

After small-town waitress Tam wakes up in a hospital, she discovers she’s living on a county-sized space station, located... somewhere. She's one of the few humans in a community made up of giant, sapient lizards and birds. Her primary mission now is to find the bastard who kidnapped her. Only he knows the way home.




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Wacky Soft Sci Fi Adventure!

Whew -- The book is finally out! I've been working on this one off and on for YEARS. My editor was enthusiastic about it. I hope you will as well! It's soft sci fi (no sliderule needed!) with some wacky characters I think will capture your attention.

Now that that's done I'll finish redoing my backlist, that is, changing covers and tweaking the insides of the novels I've published. I've already done that with Touch of Danger, Lost in the Stars, and Stalemate. In addition to that, I'll be working on a non-fiction book about the glories of Wonder Woman. If you have any ideas on that subject, be sure to contact me. (It's probably easiest to do that on Facebook.)

Whichever book you choose to read: Leave a comment somewhere! Write an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads if you can. It doesn't have to be longer than a sentence to count, and believe me: writers REALLY APPRECIATE reviews! Those Amazon algorithms like chewing on reviews, so please give them a good meal.

Hola, y'all! — Carol Strick

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