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Strong women, strange worlds

cover for Worlds ApartSecond edition newly released!


Sometimes a superhero is just too powerful to enjoy life. But Londo (Valiant) Rand's foes have temporarily blasted away his powers, leaving him to outrun a mercenary army across an otherwise deserted South Pacific island— accompanied by a beautiful woman, Lina O'Kelly. If they're lucky they can reach safety until Londo's powers return. But Londo doesn't want those powers back, not yet.



It's new and improved!

Volume 1 of the THREE WORLDS series has been re-edited. It's tighter, the characters more vibrant, the technology more up-to-date. (Oh, the joys of writing contemporary sci fi!) I've also restructured, which means that Vol. 2 has been taken off sale for a few months until I can work the changes into that volume as well.

Did I mention: The price of Touch of Danger is $2.00 LESS than before? I'd love to take credit for that, but it's something Amazon recommended. Only $2.99 for 486 pages!

Keep checking back here to see what's what. Now that I FINALLY have a new Mac I should be updating a lot more often! Follow me on Facebook or check out my blog to catch word of contests where you'll be able to win books or prizes! Ooh, contests. What would you like to see as prizes: books (mine or someone else's?), toys, jewelery, sexy paraphernalia (my Adam & Eve employee discount can at last be put to use!), gift cards (to where?), what? Leave a comment on Facebook and I'll see what I can do.

Hola, y'all! — Carol Strick

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