Artist Resources

The Artist's Magazine, though down on quality for these past few years, still has interesting articles, every now and then a demo, terrific ads, and periodic listings of worldwide art workshops and trade fairs.

International Artist magazine may be an editing nightmare but it has the prettiest art. Beware of misleading article titles. Good ads plus a nice section of instructional DVDs.

Jerry's Artarama is a great place to visit, and he's always running sales and taking far too much of my paycheck. In addition to a good handful of stores scattered around the US, he also puts out a large mailorder catalog.

Jerry's also has the huge annual Art of the Carolinas, which consists of a trade floor (go Sunday afternoon and bring cash for the best prices, but run the risk of items having sold out) and four days worth of workshops run by (usually) quite talented artists -- and some huge names.

Cheap Joe's is running in Jerry's footsteps. Artists' Supply Warehouse (ASW) is not only running in Jerry's footsteps, but they might well be owned by Jerry's.

Graphic Dimensions has a great supply of lovely and non-expensive frames, plus top-notch customer service. They're also getting into glicees and other art business stuff. - Arts Directory

Writing Resources

What can I say? I thought I knew how to write. Then I joined Romance Writers of America and truly began to learn from both a craft and business point of view. Unlike most other writer organizations, RWA will let the unpublished in. They have an outstanding mentoring program, the BEST writing workshops in the biz, and best of all, you don't have to write romance to become a member. For instance, lots of people in our local group write fantasy or mysteries. If you want to write any genre, join RWA.

Note: you have to be a member of RWA in order to join a local group (RWA costs about $80 a year, but local groups are on the order of $15), but the chapters will usually let you sit in twice before asking to see your membership card, so you can try it out and decide. There are online-only chapters for those who don't live close to an existing chapter, or who want only to pal around with specialty writers. Don't know what they cost. Check the national site and find the chapter that interests you. Their website should tell you what they're up to. (My group is Heart of Carolina RW out of Raleigh, NC, and they're the best!)

Bill Stephens records most workshops, speeches and spotlights (author or publisher closeups) from the RWA National Conference. Nowadays he puts them out on CD-ROMs which are the best deal a writer could ever wish for. You can get the entire conference (minus just a few folks who don't want their stuff recorded) for about $100. That's three days or so of one-hour workshops that deal with craft, the business of writing, and just about anything else you can think of, such as assuring your home office has the proper feng shui, how to get character inspiration from using Tarot cards or the enneagram, what people from certain periods wore, diseases of certain periods/areas, why Jane Austin's characters were so all-fired consumed with the idea of marriage, how men and women think differently, poisons and how to administer them, how to dispose of a body once you've murdered someone, police or SEAL procedures, etc.

Art Books

North Light Book Club. Now, don't roll your eyes when I say "book club." This one's different. Just about every one of its titles is a great training class, filled with gorgeous paintings. Don't believe me? Many of the books have a "look inside" feature on the website so you can check it out before ordering. And yes, this is a negative option club, which means that if you don't return the monthly card in time you'll get an unwanted book in your mailbox that you'll have to either pay for or return. But it's easy enough to ask Customer Service to take you off the negative option. NL's Customer Service is top-notch. Oh, did I mention that if you pay for your books when you order them you don't have to pay postage? Look for sales and gather your bonus points to buy the occasional book as a freebie.

Instructional DVDs both writing and art (and lots of other stuff) can be rented for $10/week per disc from SmartFlix. Usually it's cheaper than buying, especially if you're wanting to learn a difficult computer program where even the instructions cost $$$, or if you want to try out a DVD before expending the big bucks to buy it!

Comics Links

Interlac was the first Legion of Super-Heroes amateur press alliance, spinning off from the classic Legion Outpost. These days they're can be contacted online. Tell 'em hey from me.

For great hero histories, including a truly fabulous one of Mon-El, try Major Spoilers. Mon's is here but you can link to other Legionnaires and the entire site from there.

Wonder Woman Fansites

The Wonder Woman Museum. Here's their own links page, which lists a BUNCH of Wondie sites!

Pete Marston, son of Dr. William Moulton Marston, creator of Wondie, has a Wonder Woman Network.

Kyall's website for WW collectors. from Antony C. from Nerites.

Custom Mego Wonder Woman (and other) dolls from Steve Taylor at

Ooh, pretty! Here's a new one from Mr. Jamester,

This is the Museum of Modern Mythology and Pop Culture:






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