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July 1996

John Byrne took over the Wonder Woman book. He took the existing secondary characters and made younger dopplegangers of them, then transplanted WW so she could only play with his characters, and not with those of the creators who'd come before him.

Instead of Vanessa Kapatelis we got the younger Cassandra Sandsmark, a spunky tomboy. She started the DC tradition of naming all young superheroines the same thing. There's Suzie (just recently renamed to "Greta"), aka Secret; Cissie, aka Arrowette; Cassie, aka Batgirl; Cassie, aka Thunder; and of course Cassie, aka Wonder Girl.

When our Cassie first started on her superhero career, she had to throw together an emergency costume with emergency powers. First she used the brunette wig (! It suddenly was a wig! How convenient!) that Diana had worn during her brief non-Wonder Woman run when Artemis had taken over as WW. She then "borrowed" the Sandals of Hermes and a Gauntlet of Atlas for power. And she looked like this. At various conventions around the time she appeared, I heard that the people manning the DC promotional booths were calling her "Cassie, the Horse-Faced Wonder Girl."

Aug. '98Jan. '99
Eventually she had a chance to clean up her act. A little bit. It helped that she got Zeus to give her some real powers so she could ditch the odd accoutrements.

The colors would vary a bit here to there, especially as Cassie joined Young Justice, yet made the occasional guest appearance in Wonder Woman.

Feb. '00


On the interior story, Cissie designs a new, come-hither-Superboy look for Cassie. Aughhh!!! It's a skirt! ACTION HEROES SHOULD NEVER WEAR SKIRTS!!!! Luckily the look didn't last. At any rate, at the end of the story, Cassie revealed to Superboy that she wore a wig. I think this is when she ditched the wig for good, joining the millions of blonde superheroes of the DCU. I mean, look at the way her hair is done here. I think the artist forgot that she wasn't "out" as a blonde yet and drew her that way, and then the colorist had to step in and paint her hair (ugh!) gray to simulate the black wig she was wearing at the time.

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May 2000

During the "Sins of Youth" crossover event or miniseries or whatever you want to classify it, older heroes became young and youthful heroes older, allowing mentor and mentee to switch places. The first option to WW and Cassie were to just switch to clothes that fit... May 2000HEY! Didn't she know about the Costume Curse? My theory is that since there was magic involved in SoY and since she was an adult when she wore the costume, the curse won't strike until she becomes an adult again.

...And then they adopted their own look. In Cassie's case, this meant finally using the costume that Donna Troy had given her in WW #136.

June '00

Back at her own age again, Cassie started to wear this. I think it makes her look like a proper kid, don't you? Unfortunately, she kept the leather jacket idea from Superboy, so the outfit came with a kind of "copycat" mark against it.

When I first posted this page a few people complained that on page 2 I say that Cassie copied Kon in taking on jeans (the second time around for her). They pointed out that she wore jeans first, right here. So let it be noted; so let it be done!

But why does some corner of my mind have her wearing Kon's jeans after he died? Can someone point that out definitely either way as to how that happened? I distinctly recall wondering how they possibly fit her. Perhaps I was reading a discussion on where Cassie's jeans came from on the DC Message Boards, and someone there said they must be Kon's. Those were pretty darned tight-fitting jeans on both of them, folks. Ew.

March 2001

Phil Jimenez had her ditch the jacket for his "Gods of Gotham" story arc in WW, and changed the shirt to this spagetti-strap job. He also changed Cassie's hair. Sept 2001

And yet during Phil's "Our Worlds at War" segment in WW, he gave us this small shot of Cassie in a tee. I suppose she's got to have more than one outfit, especially if she's on military duty as she was here...

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Jan. 2002Feb. 2002
April 2002

Though Phil wanted Cassie to look more mature, around Young Justice she just wanted to be a kid. Thus the pigtails.

Nothing wrong in having two pairs of pants, even if they do come in different colors. From the Spyboy/Young Justice crossover.

Upper right are some more shots from another issue of the mini. Note the wider straps and the tee. Here's a nice shot of the necklace that says, "GIRL," and up in the corner there is Wonder Girl's little villainous PowerPuff Girls-kinda doppleganger that was used (along with small, adorable doubles of all the major players) in the Spyboy/Young Justice crossover. Isn't it interesting how Cassie's bracelets became golden for some of this story arc? Also note the differences here (and elsewhere) in her goggles. I truly DON'T see the virtue of having more than one set of goggles, do you?

June 2002

Man, I love this outfit! I love the concept. We're in an alternate universe here. Instead of Cassie having been gifted by Zeus, she has Dionysus as her mentor god and runs around half-drunk yet still fairly capable. After seeing her as a redhead, I wonder why she'd ever want to go back! There aren't that many redheads in the DCU, or at least not nearly as many as there are blondes (yawn).

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Nov. 2002

Is this a class act or what? Wo-oow! Cassie takes over leadership of Young Justice with a clang of fashion flair thrown in, and yet it's not really all that different from what she's been in. Of course DC couldn't let it alone. It was too good. Dec. 2002

Six years later we're still in awe of it.

Never one to leave well enough alone, Phil Jimenez gave Cassie a new hairdo within the pages of Wonder Woman. He can't pull off the big-sneakers YJ look, though; here they seem like army boots three sizes too big.

promo image


This is from the promotional art for the 2003 Teen Titans relaunch. Make of it what you will. It's the all-plastic version of what she'd actually end up with. Note that Cassie is supposedly wearing Donna's star bracelets, though these are three times bigger than those things, and the stars Donna wore were never yellow.



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