my WW designs

This is an entry I made to Fanzing (I'd provide a link, but I don't think they're still around. Google them and check out their archives!) in their "design a new costume contest," the entries of which ran in January 2000. As usual, I had grand designs (no pun intended) but waited until the last day possible to begin work. Argh. So that's why everything looks so rushed. I can't stand my inking anyway. But I did want to do some better designs than these. I like the red dress, and I could live with WW in her outfit where the only change is the straps. I do indeed think that the black and white outfit with the removeable red drapery could be quite nice. I'll work on it some more.

The Xena outfit was done as a joke, because I think Xena and her wardrobe are blatant WW rip-offs and have never understood why DC (1) never sued her leather pants off or (2) never tried to link WW into the whole Xena phenomenon. They sure missed some $$ there!

Most fans who have commented like the blue-tights job, which I think needs some serious work. Oh well, now that I have this site I can add some better designs at my leisure. (Hah! I wrote that years ago and what have I done since then?)

My favorite WW costume? Would have to be the original Donna-Wonder Girl outfit. It looked comfortable, had straps and covered Diana up for the most part (okay, it left her legs bare). Perez put the adult Diana in it one time, didn't he? I'll have to look that up.

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