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Lovely title illo goes here: "The Invisible Plane/Jet!" with a background pic of Wondie perhaps riding the wing of her old plane, since we don't have a nice one of her on her new plane.

Is there any way to include "Leaving on a Jet Plane"? The version by John Denver, who wrote it, and not Peter, Paul & Mary or anyone else. I love John Denver's songs!!!!! When you're feeling bad, nothing can cheer you up and make you go out and work for world peace like a John Denver song. I bet Diana has the entire library of his work. Except for "Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas." Uggggggh!

Well, maybe I won't put in a sound clip. They can be annoying. And if you're supposed to be working and suddenly your computer starts yodeling, people can suspect you're not contributing 100% to the company's bottom dollar.

I WILL mention that comics fan Mike Kuypers said, "If you've seen one invisible plane you've seen them all."

I've got to go back to look at these issues and flesh out the commentary. I started this page because I had issues laying around that needed to be filed and I didn't want to forget that there was Plane/Jet stuff in them.

This is just stuff plunked down! It's not meant to be beautiful at this point!

Let's see. We'll start out with a shot of the plane from the first app of Wondie, ferrying Stevie back to the mainland.

Then we'll get a nice establishing GA beauty shot of the plane.

Maybe a GA shot of the plane in space? With mention that Wondie had several methods of space travel besides the plane.

An Andru-Esposito shot of Diana telepathing, "Plane!" and how the plane looked once Kanigher took over the writing. It's now the Robot Plane. Note that Wondie is now gliding on air currents.

A space shot of the Silver Age plane.

Maybe a shot of the Amazon space fleet with Hippy commanding.

A late Bronze Age shot of the plane, Just Because.

and then Crisis hit the fan

Oct. '88and Wondie was re-booted. With the ability to fly.

Joe Average thinks of Wonder Woman thusly: boobs, bathing suit, tiara, lasso, bracelets (B&B), Invisible Plane. DC did away with one of those supreme WW hallmarks and it would quickly become evident that the bracelets/B&B also weren't needed for this increasingly-invulnerable being.

Doesn't DC know how to market its characters? Unless they've got a "Super-" or "Bat-" in their name... nope. (And even then things are not guaranteed. eg faux-Supergirl. Or Batwoman. Or Batgirl.)

Mention that for interdimensional travel (through Paradise's veil, to Olympus, etc) she had the Sandals of Hermes. Discuss the stupidity of the gods and staff at having Amazons who were denied technology. These were the last stand folks guarding Earth from invading armies. Armies often forge cutting-edge technology in order to WIN their battles. How lucky for the Amazons that they only battled stupid, Bronze Age enemies!

Diana could also travel interdimensionally in her mind (the Golden Fleece thing).

Bring in the Lansinarian origin of the plane.

GearNeed to find my own shot of Gear from the Legion of Super-Heroes instead of stealing a bad shot off the Web. He's a Linsnarian, or however you spell it, and I want to make a case that he's like the Jet Guy, even though the Jet Guy wanted to claim that he was Lansinarian, or however you spell it. Spellings can change over a millennium and various regional accents, you know.


I'll want to include that Alex Ross pic of Wondie getting out of her plane. Wasn't it the first to show such an effect? Do I already have that scanned? Nope. Got one from that ish in the costume index but not the "climbing out" view.


Just thinking here. Suppose I'll keep my eyes out for Plane action as I finish up the Amazon Index. Or I could figure out what I'm getting for groceries this week... You don't mind if I do a little stream-of-consciousness stuff here?

We'll have to investigate Plane Guy, that doofus who fell in love with Diana. On whose watch did that happen? Rucka really brought it to a saccharine ending, so we'll have to show the demise... or at least the ultimate exhaustion... of Plane Guy. Did he ever have a name? Or a name possibility? We can't call him "Guy" because someone might mistake him for a Green Lantern. Mustn't be like DC and give bunches and bunches of characters the same name. (What is UP with that???)

I'll have to include a shot of Diana taking off for her great One Year Mope. (Gag me with a spoon! Our Diana would never have done that!)

There's that awful Invisible Jet WayneTech gave her as Brucie started to supply her with everything her helpless little weak-brained self needed (with a little help from Clarkie in the process). Bleah! Bleah! Bleah! I'm surprised she didn't call up Brucie when she had to figure out how to pump her own gas. Don't these writers THINK of obvious implications?


Wonder Woman #193WW #193: The only three panels that I've ever liked Trevor Barnes. He'd just had some kind of mind-meld with Diana, who was in the process of being taken over by the Shattered God. Now he's on his own and he's got to get to an other-dimensional burial spot for gods, the Cryptocombs. So he climbs into the Jet with various magical accoutrements and...



So the jet can travel interdimensionally.




Brave & Bold #7Here's something perhaps you've never thought of: the jet is good for carrying cargo. In Brave & the Bold #7 Diana packs the jet full of magical items needed to defeat a wizard. Power Girl joins her.

For those of you who've read my costume index, note here that even the jet has seams that are emphasized, even when invisible!

Later in the story the wizard has taken mental control of Peege. Diana then engages another keen attribute of the Invisible Jet: its invisibility.

Brave and Bold #7Despite Peege keeping an eye out with her super-vision, Diana is able to sneak up on Power Girl as well as kayo her with the vehicle. Note the nifty ice-fog effect here, as we're operating within Superman's arctic Fortress.


Within the same story arc but without Diana around, a group of heroes take off away from Earth to fly into the sun using the Invisible Jet.

Mark Waid gives us some info about the Jet. One of the Challengers complains, "Didn't Wonder Woman tell anybody where the THERMOSTAT was on this thing?" To which another (darned if I can tell 'em apart) says, "The Invisible Jet manipulates ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES, Red... [guess that was Red talking before] Light AND heat... but its shielding is TAXED."

Brave & Bold #12Even though this appears well after Rucka's run and the demise of the Jet Being, Hal Jordan is able to have the Jet morph an insulating suit around himself because "the jet SHAPE-SHIFTS... but it's ALREADY at its RADIATION LIMIT." So Hal has to augment the suit with what's left of his own dwindling Green Lantern power. Once he has his ring at full power Hal can then use it to repair the Jet, which had been collapsing, and return it to normal.

So can the plane really still morph? Must research.



On the DCMBs Stanlos reports: "The Watchtower Maintenance Team pages Wonder Woman on one of the levels in JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES [a 2006 video game] to ask her where the jet was so that they could refuel it."

WW #23When Diana finds herself up against a demon god, as she did in issue #23 of her third run, she concedes that even a super-Amazon needs a little help now and then. From out of nowhere -- kaPOWEY!!! Good ol' Jet Plane, smack through the demon's guts!










Supergirl #34The jet's good for carrying cargo strapped OUTSIDE of it as well. This cool shot is from Supergirl #34. She and Wondie have captured a griffin.






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