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Remember, all issue numbers are from series 2 unless they have a "3:" in front of them, in which case they're series 3.

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Diana says she loves to see Deathstroke happy, so hit her again. She dares him.




In WW Special #1, Diana teams up with Deathstroke to rescue the Cheetah. He and she disagree on methods. He likes to massacre anyone nearby, and she is willing to risk all to save a villain like Cheetah. They finally have at it for a rather spectacular hand-to-hand fight on a snowy mountain while Diana is in evening wear. Then Diana gets off this zinger.

Note: after a while Diana decides she's had enough and kicks Deathstroke in the balls. He goes down. Waaay down.




At the beginning of the 1992 Space Pyrates saga, writer William Messner-Loebs really began to dig in to Diana's character and highlight some of her better Golden Age aspects while still maintaining a more-than-modern feel. Here, from issue #66, Diana is marooned in space with Russian cosmonaut Natasha Teranova. Together they have to figure a tricky re-entry, with Diana nudging Tasha's capsule along with her own space vehicle.

Unlike Barbie, who once infamously whined, "Math is haaard!", Diana tells Tasha, "If it's not difficult, it's not fun!" How much more Golden Age can you get?


A dramatic, determined face for Diana: "They let me live."As their mission goes to hell in a handbasket, Diana and Tasha are enslaved on a prison planet. Diana is beaten and tortured as punishment for fighting with another prisoner, and as a warning for her not to get ideas about freedom.

Still Diana plots. "These slave masters, WHOEVER they are, have already made ONE mistake," she tells Tasha. Then we get this full-page reveal of her battered face as she says, "They let me live." (issue 67)





Artemis and Deadfall



In Artemis: Requiem, a 1996 mini-series, we get this notable line from Artie as she responds to the über-macho Deadfall of the Hellenders, who has just told her that he'd be happy to make her a real, heh heh, woman, unlike her vestal virgin galpals, the Amazons. You just don't get to see the term "toad-wallow" that much, do you?




Diana shouts, "By the gods! The humanity!"In issue #151, Dr. Poison's infected spider gets hold of Rama. The only way Rama can relieve himself of the deadly effect is by releasing his "final power," that of berserker rage, which means he will kill everyone he comes into contact with. Interesting use of Hindu medicine there. In the meantime Diana can only flash back to the Hindenburg. (And hello, colorists: your job is to make things clearer, not obscure type by placing a dark red next to black type. Pshee.)

Diana tells her mother that she's not Wonder Woman


Ooh, things you want to take back later. Just before her mother sacrifices herself to destroy Imperiex in OWAW, Diana flies after her and says, "You're NOT Wonder Woman!", a culmination of jealousy that had built up during the Jimenez era between the two women. Issue 172.






The Banas try to figure out the Wonder Woman time paradox

From Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War #1. above As Mnemosyne says, "Don't think about it too hard." I think she mumbles something very dark about Byrne between panels, though.

Whoops! Trevor's parents catch him achieving third base from Diana!"Lord have mercy!" Diana stays overnight at Trevor Barnes' house only to have his parents come downstairs and, well, interrupt something.

Many fans have had many discussions over the last panel here. Just WHAT were they doing?

This was Phil J's final issue (#188). He was trying to cover as many bases as he could. He gave us the complete run-down of TV WW costumes, made Trevor's nephew into an unofficial Wonder Boy, and now...

Well, in my humble (ha!) opinion, Diana has just completed getting to third base with her man. Hah. Look at those clothes on the floor. Get a room!

Becca guesses that Diana doesn't have any powers

Issue #190: Super- or I should say -- WONDER fan #1, Becca Doherty, has to explain to an amnesiac Diana about her life. Diana asks if she really can deflect bullets with her bracelets and Becca replies with a fervor that many, many WW fans share: "OH, NO! It's happened AGAIN, hasn't it?"

(I'm of the small crowd that believes Diana should have mid-level powers so I enjoy seeing her having to work!)

I love Becca. I named my nom de plume after her and Donna.

WW at a press conference, saying that she does not presently have either a boy or girlfriend.



Having introduced Mary-Sue, I mean, Io, Rucka now addresses the obvious question that has come up in his storyline as Diana holds a press conference for her new book. This answer should cover fan questions about ol' Io.
WW #197.





Diana curses: "Gorgons spit!"
One of the few highlights for me of the Rucka run was this grim exclamation from Diana. Beautifully phrased! I want to see more like this. WW #197

Rucka did come up with some more curses. (201): Diana mutters an expression of dismay: "Glaukopis." This is Rucka's showing off obscure mythology and related ancient Greek stuff, which he loved to do. "Glaukopis" means "owl-eyed" or "bright-eyed" and concerns either the owl-faced version of Athena or relates to her owl itself. Too obscure a comment to catch on in the WW mythos, methinks.

(203) Phillipus lets loose with a "By Hera's hem," which is pretty darned ironic considering they were cleaning up after Hera's Kick of jealous rage at the time. Artie says, "Set's Seed!"

(222) Artie says, "What in Bast's claws..." (223) Artie says, "By Mamitu's breasts..."

Diana walks forth, fully armored

From the DCMBs: Stanlos says, "I think one of my favorite lines from her is on that awesome splash page that closed issue 209 of volume 2. She has been in the White Room preparing for the upcoming battle set for dawn. Ferdinand calls to her, warning that dawn is approaching. Diana exits the White Room dressed for battle with a single line:"

"Let it come."



(No disrespect to Stanlos or his memories, but can I just add that she spent the entire night preparing for the battle but when she showed up it seemed that her only strategy for battling Medousa was to have tied a sash across her eyes under her helmet?)


Bees. My god.

When Amazons Attack #3 came out, amid all the online reviews, one line of dialogue stood out and was quoted by every person who saw the issue. The Batman, the one and only, most powerful (given enough prep time) being in the entire DC Universe, kneels next to a stricken Nemesis who has just been inflicted with the ultimate secret Amazon weapon:

"Bees. My god." (Actually, they were Stygian Killer Hornets.)

Let's say it again, shall we?

"Bees. My god." (snicker)woo-freaking-woo


at right The newly-reappeared Etta Candy(-Trevor) lets loose with her traditional exclamation, this time punctuated with a little profanity. WW #3:18.

Etta whips out her gun, calling Stalker a "scuzzball."









above WW #3:20: Etta greets the Stalker by pulling out her gun and calling him a "scuzzball," which he is. But Diana thinks, "Someday, Etta. I vow. I really MUST teach you how to address an enemy properly."

Okay, you might not think it's hilarious but I do!

Diana likes cake



at left Diana is bothered by a culture that doesn't find the idea of a hug in the workplace acceptable. "On the other hand... there is CAKE, and THAT excuses MUCH." Amen, sister. WW #3:14




Hats are good.



Hats are good too. Ah, continuity! Someone remembers Taco Whiz!!! WW #3:20




secure your pulse baton




Nothing like a double entendre! Hope we'll be hearing more pulse baton jokes. Pulse batons are funny. WW #3:26



Cassie talks trash about Amazon bracelets.





at left "I know. Sacrilege," indeed! This woman has no respect for the people she once hero-worshipped, the people whom she wanted so badly to join.

Now that Big Daddy Zeus has come out for his little girl, this quote -- this dissing of the sacred Amazonian bracelets -- should be the final straw that finally kicks her out of the Wonder family for good. As in good riddance, Zeus Girl! Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.

Pfeh. Teen Titans #66, Feb. '09

Talia watches TV and calls Diana "some Amazon in a bathing suit!"A kiddie book, The All-New Batman: the Brave and the Bold, guest-starred Wondie in its fourth issue. (2011) In it, Eros makes Batman and Diana fall in love. When word of their coming nuptials gets out, Talia al Ghul plots the cancellation of the wedding. I may be wrong, but I believe this panel is the only one ever printed which refers to the Wondie Suit as many fans do: a bathing suit. (Some fans call it a bikini, which is just so wrong in so many ways...)





Just before the Nottaboot in 2011, DC ran a series of one-shots. This is from DC RetroActive: Wonder Woman—The 90s. In it, Diana is looking after a girls' club. She finds that what they're doing (reading glamor magazines, playing with dolls, etc.) is boring, and embarks on filling their days with a bit of old fashioned Amazon Training. After a while, Etta pulls her aside.

Etta asks Diana if she might be, well, bullying the girls. Diana is shocked.

So Diana tries to ease off a bit. How hilarious is this?

Ha! I, Ken, am home from the masculine world of work. Wife, feed me while I ogle your bulbous femininit. Display for me your subservience, for I am the man!


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