Wonder Woman fan fic novel

cover for The Coin of Power

Years ago, he had died before her eyes– disintegrated by his own evil.

Now a series of minor crimes seems to point back to the scheming White Magician. Wonder Woman must determine if an increasing amount of deaths and stolen monies are truly his work or that of a wannabe or impostor.

Joined by an old friend as well as her sister, Donna Troy, Wonder Woman follows the mystery from Boston to London, and back to her Amazon embassy in Washington, DC. Is the threat based in magic, technology– or something else entirely?

The Amazing Amazon must utilize all allies at her disposal, plus her Magic Lasso and Invisible Jet to investigate. Most of all she must conquer her own increasing exhaustion and fears to save the world!


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And one more thing: the "make America great again" line in the Coin of Power book was written in 2013, long before it became a certain person's tagline.