Behind the Scenes with the Three Worlds

the seal of the Three Worlds"Three Worlds" is a romantic fantasy adventure series set in the present on an Earth that is home to mighty paraheroes and within a galaxy that houses vast star empires and republics.

I'm hoping to have all of the volumes concerning the first story arc in print by mid-2012, Mayans willing.

The premise:

Carolina (Lina) O’Kelly is your average introverted, self-doubting... Well, she can talk to worlds and teleport and might just wind up changing the course of the entire galaxy and everyone in it. But she couldn’t begin to do any of that if it weren’t for the two very special — and SEXY — men in her life!

Londo and Jae are two of the most amazing men in the galaxy, both suffering quite different complications from childhood disasters.

Let's face it: they all have to go through a lot of changes if they can hope to accomplish even a tiny part of what they've been chosen to attempt. It doesn't help that along the way hell periodically breaks loose, both with the worlds they operate in and within their personal lives.

Heh heh heh.

So basically, we start by getting our main characters together and figure out how they relate to each other even as they're given a huge mission to accomplish.

We'll follow them through the years, watching how they approach that mission and the worlds it entails. We'll see the three's relationship grow and change. Along the way their friends and family will be affected by the situation. Enemies will plot against them all on varying levels.

And it'll all end up by... Oh, but that would be telling too soon.

Check out first volumes in the series:

Vol 1: Touch of Danger

Vol. 2: Star-Crossed

Oh heck, let's get a few more Jae and Lon pics!

Jaepicture of Londo Rand, from Carol A. Strickland's fantasy romance series, "Three Worlds" Lon againJae again




I've had a ball building this series. The first five volumes, which comprise the first large story arc, are already pretty much done. (I'm hoping to get all 5 out by the end of 2012.) I've got the entire series plotted out, but it'll take me a while to finish it all.

It seems I've always read comics, especially the superhero ones. (You may have noticed my Wonder Woman section?) I love the super-fantasy that combines so well with pseudo-science (and the real stuff, too). I love the possibilities of the superhero. Why do they spend all their time bashing villains instead of building a future?

Well, mine do just that. Or try their darnedest.

And those super-hunks are about the sexiest guys you can imagine, aren't they? So much better than a vampire or werewolf or mage. (Although there have been rare exceptions over the years, I'll grant you.)

I hope you'll enjoy all the heroes who appear in the books, as well as revel in the evolution of our heroine, Lina O'Kelly, as she has to not only step up to her increasingly important positions, but master them and lead billions of people to a better life.

Of course not all that's in Volume 1, TOUCH OF DANGER. We start out small. A tropical island, a sexy guy, a gal in dire straits... and a marauding army of terrorists out to kill them both.

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Shout-out to the guys who inspired my first story! (circa fifth grade) Yeah, yeah, yeah!