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Strong women, strange worlds

The Ultimate Guide
to Wonder Woman!

Smash the patriarchy! Come read about Wonder Woman, Champion of the legendary Amazons, presented in an ever-so-slightly opinionated manner that will explain everything important about the lady starring in Those Movies and comics. She’s been around since 1941 and has seen a lot of changes through the years.




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Retired at last!

I thought I'd be ready for retirement, but I'm seven months in and still working on major problems/projects, though those have been whittled down to just a few. Like every electrical outlet in the house still needs to be replaced asap, that kind of thing.  

Happy to say that Mind Shift, vol. 5 of the Three Worlds saga, is being polished even as you read this. By the end of November I'll have the entire series' covers redesigned and then... publication! I do hope you'll like seeing the Starharts swing into action as their worlds-changing mission begins.

Star-Spangled Panties has turned out to be my best selling book by far, so thanks to all you readers! If you check the comics part of my website, you'll also find a FREE Wonder woman fan fic novel, The Coin of Power. Try it out. Let's see if I can link it: here.

In the coming months I'll be making BIG changes across this website. Updates, new looks, and filling in some blanks. I'm about to have a knee operation which will keep me sort of in a chair for a few weeks (don't tell PT!). Plans are to re-learn DreamWeaver so the site can be mobile friendly. Imaingine! Plus I've spent a LOT of time since early July especially becoming certified in the fine art of tarot card reading. If you look around you'll see my new service for that, Flutterby Tarot, listed. Keep checking back.

And of course I'm interested to hear what YOU'VE been reading. I love to read good books! Contact me with your recommendations, or grab me on GoodReads or Facebook.

Stay safe and have fun, y'all! — Carol Strick

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