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cover for Nothing PersonalSoft and wacky sci fi!

What do you do when you’ve been kidnapped to the far side of galactic nowhere?

One day Tam is waitressing at a neighborhood tavern and taking community college classes in firefighting. The next… Well, months later when she finally gets her sight and hearing back, after waking up in a hospital… She’s living on a county-sized space station, one of the few humans in a community made up of giant, sapient lizards and birds.

Her next-door neighbor is a MUTANT giant, sapient lizard. Her new Station Safeties supervisor doesn’t think a mere mammal can handle the job. And her boyfriend wants her to help with illegal drug running.

What’s a girl to do? Except keep her new eyes and ears open to find the bastard who stranded her here and knows the way home…

301 pp.
$5.99 digital    $13.99 paperback





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ISBN information:

ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-22-5
ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-23-2
ISBN Ingramspark Print edition 978-1-941318-24-9
ISBN Ingramspark Digital edition 978-1-941318-25-6