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Touch of Danger coverVolume 1 of the Three Worlds saga

Superhero Romance and Adventure Like You've Never Seen Before!

Can love blossom when a touch is deadly?

Sometimes a superhero is just too powerful to enjoy life. But Londo (Valiant) Rand's foes have temporarily blasted away his powers, leaving him to outrun a mercenary army across an otherwise deserted South Pacific island— accompanied by a beautiful woman, Lina O'Kelly. If they're lucky they can reach safety until Londo's powers return.

But Londo doesn't want those powers back, not yet. This is the one day in his life he'll be able to touch someone without the potential of accidentally tearing them to shreds. Too bad that psychic Lina is acutely phobic to touch. What the world's greatest superhero asks for is what she's unable to give.

Can they escape terrorists, gales and ghosts to find haven? If they should fall deeply in love, how will they cope when Londo's powers return and he's too strong to hold Lina in his arms?

Two books in one!

The original Touch of Danger has been combined with Star-Crossed to bring you a larger adventure in one volume. Now the story reaches out to the stars and other worlds. Londo's life hangs by a thread. Are Lina's psychic healing techniques enough to save him, or will she need the help of unearthly science—and a beautiful alien man's powers?

Lina begins to understand just how dangerous it is to get close to the galaxy's most famous hero. Even his friends are plotting against her. Can she make Londo realize that all this can't possibly work? Even above her own heart, she must protect his.

Front cover design by Strick. Interior illustration by Colleen Doran.
Heat level: pretty warm.

Praise for Touch of Danger:

"...Once Lina and Londo get past their initial hangups and the real bad guys show up, the intensity level kicks up a notch or ten. Loads of goofy humor and a compelling romance keep the story interesting, and a slew of captivating and sometimes creepy secondary characters made for a riveting conclusion to this superhero story."
-- Nicole Duke, InD'Tale Magazine

"Highly Recommended" (5 Hearts)

—The Romance Studio, about the original Touch of Danger

Jump into the galaxy-sprawling Three Worlds Saga! Start by buying this first volume!

469 pp.
Only 99¢ digital    $16.99 paperback





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ISBN information:
ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-20-1
ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-21-8
IngramSpark ISBN Print edition 978-1-941318-30-0
IngramSpark ISBN Digital edition 978-1-941318-28-7