Montreal 1999

My thrilling first adventure in Montreal. Co-starring newly ex-co-worker Karen Younts. Then unemployed, she dipped into her retirement account (!) to accompany me. Suze Orman would have had a fit!!!

New York City and Montreal 2003

(under constructive consideration)
The national convention of the Romance Writers of America! Plus a too-rushed, solo side-trip back to Montreal.

Canada 2005

An early 50th birthday bash with bus tour and without. Lots of pictures and paintings!

San Francisco 2008

The Romance Writers of America had their annual bash in SF, CA, so how could I NOT go? I had to see the Pacific!



2009: Old Salem, NC

Okay, it's just down the road, more or less, but it still counts as a vacation when I stay overnight in a hotel. (blog post)

Art of the Carolinas banner

Always a fun, educational bash that leaves my credit card smoking! Hope the link above sends you to the current year's bash. It's always a weekend or two before Thanksgiving, held at the North Raleigh Hilton in Raleigh, NC.

2011: Wilmington, NC/Wrightsville Beach

Starting to explore the NC coast. (blog post)

2012: Tennessee

Okay, it's not much of a travelogue. But it's Tennessee. (blog post)

2012: New Bern, NC and the Outer Banks

Continuing coastal exploration, this time from Cape Hatteras to Kitty Hawk. (blog post) Part 1, Part 2

2013: Washington, DC & Williamsburg, VA

It began as one of those "buy a condo from us" vacations, and ended up with Benedict Arnold, bubonic plague and floods! (blog posts) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4